Effortless Customer Support: AI That Knows Your Website Inside Out
Your AI assistant learns your content, answers customers’ questions 24/7, and evolves with your business. One-time investment, lifetime ownership - no subscriptions ever.
Choosing Smarter: Subscription vs. One Time Purchase
Other Providers of Custom GPTStomps ChatGPT
Trapped in recurring payment cycles
Freedom with a one-time payment
Limited interactions due to capped message quotas
Unlimited interactions to handle all customer queries
Additional costs for brand customization
Your brand, your identity no extra charge.
Features restrictions based on subscription level
Full access to all powerful features from the start
Extra fees for essential integrations
Simple, all-in-one solution, no piecemeal extras needed
Unlock the Power of Our Cutting-Edge Features
Intelligent Conversations
Leverage powerful AI models including GPT-4 to provide context aware responses to inquiries.
Tailored Knowledge Base
Use data from multiples sources to train your bot.
Real-Time Assistance
Provide 24/7/365 support, addressing multiple inquiries simultaneously.
Collect Leads
Capture interested visitors’ details, allowing you to build a list of potential customers.
Get insights into how customers interact with your bot and review conversation histories.
Customize your chatbot to match your brand’s feel and website design.
How It Works
Get up and running with Stomps smoothly and quickly. We’ve streamlined the installation process to make setup straightforward and hassle-free, providing you with a personalized installation script via email.
  • Purchase the Software: Complete your purchase and receive an installation script via email.
  • Set Up a Virtual Private Server (VPS): Use any cloud service or hosting provider. You can also use your existing domain host.
  • Link a Custom Domain: Point DNS to the IP address of your server.
  • Run the Installation Command: Connect a terminal to your server and run the installation command provided in your email. This command is unique to your purchase and should not be shared publicly.
  • Access the Admin Panel: Configure your chatbot by entering your Pinecone and OpenAI API keys.
  • Import Data: Train your chatbot by importing data from various sources, such as Word documents and websites.
  • Customize Settings: Adjust settings as needed, including the chat interface.
  • Embed the Chatbot: Easily integrate the chatbot into your website.

Small Investment, Big Returns

Unlock the full capabilities of Stomps with our straightforward, one-time purchase plan.

Here's what you gain access to:
Your Own API Key:Choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 with a dedicated API Key.
Unlimited Message Credits:Enjoy unlimited messaging without restrictions.
Unlimited Characters for Embeddings:Upload as much text as you need to train your chatbot.
View Conversation History:Access conversation histories.
Upload Multiple Files:Easily upload various document types for enhanced chatbot training.
Train on Unlimited Website Links:Train your bot with limitless website links.
No 'Powered by Stomps' Branding:Maintain brand consistency with no mandatory external branding.
Embed on Unlimited Websites:Freely embed your chatbot on multiple websites.
Receive ongoing updates for your software version at no extra cost.
License covers a single software instance for focused efficiency.
API and server costs not included. You will need to pay OpenAI, Pinecone, and your server provider separately for their services.
Your Questions, Answered
Simplifying Customer Interactions with Advanced AI-powered Chat Assistant.
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